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The Studio Catino Foto produces a kind of photography that combines spontaneity and the play of light and shadows, availing of both the photo reportage and photo-journalism methods. According to the time available and the needs of the couple, we do simple and elegant photojournalism services, characterized by vivid and spontaneous images that combine simple poses and warm tones, which makes our photos evocative and full of feeling, capturing the mood of the moment. Thanks to our long experience, we have done many photojournalism services not only for weddings but also in the fields of politics, show business and sport. In these cases only a professional photographer is able to work with discretion and to really capture the emotions of the moment in order to enhance the natural spontaneity of the subject. Our photographers are skilled experts who always try to maintain the high professional profile of the wedding reporter , which sets them apart from the unqualified individuals who improvise themselves photographers.

Where we are

Underground "LEPANTO" 300 meters or 150 meters far from VIA COLA DI RIENZO